This AWS practice test helps you to pass the following AWS exams and can also helps you to revise the AWS concepts if you are preparing for AWS interviews.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Below AWS practice tests has two different Modes

  • Learning Mode: 25 questions per test with answers and explanation, no time limit, repeat tests
  • Exam Mode: 75 questions per test (similar to real AWS exam), 180 minutes, repeat tests


1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional – Learning Mode

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional - Learning Mode

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Your database is very frequently receiving more read and write requests than it can handle. To process the higher loads more effectively you’ve decided to vertically scale your RDS database instance. You’ve confirmed that your licensing can handle the increased scale; next, you must determine when the changes will be applied. When can you apply the changes? (Choose 2 answers)

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You’ve designed a public portal (with a MySQL database) featuring popular scientific journals. Due to its popularity, users are complaining it takes much longer to review selected journals than in the past. In addition, the popularity of your site is worldwide.

What are the first steps that you should take to resolve your performance issues? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your team is setting up DynamoDB for a client. You need to explain to them how DynamoDB tables are partitioned. Which calculations are used to determine the number of partitions that will be created? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your team is setting up DynamoDB for a client. You need to explain to them how DynamoDB tables are partitioned. Which calculations are used to determine the number of partitions that will be created? (Choose 2 answers)

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You work for a company that automatically tags photographs using artificial neural networks (ANNs), which run on GPUs using C++. You receive millions of images in one batch, with an average of 3 batches per day. These images are loaded into an Amazon S3 bucket you control for you in a batch, and then the customer publishes a JSON-formatted manifest into another S3 bucket you control as well. Each image takes 10 milliseconds to process using a full GPU. Your neural network software requires 5 minutes to bootstrap. Image tags are JSON objects, and you must publish them to an S3 bucket.

Which of these is the best system architectures for this system?

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While monitoring your application servers hosted behind an elastic load balancer, you discover that the servers always operate at between 75 and 80% of their capacity after five minutes of operation. Also, there is a constant number of servers being marked as unhealthy very early in their initial lifecycle. Upon further analysis, you also discover that your servers are taking between three and four minutes to become operational after launch. What two tasks should you complete as soon as possible? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your company is planning to deploy a hybrid environment linking their on-premise database to an application hosted at AWS. When considering performance rather than security, what are key concerns when designing a network between AWS and the on-site database? (Choose 2 answers)

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You are an AWS Solutions Architect helping a client plan a migration to the AWS Cloud. The client has provided you with a detailed inventory of their current on-premises compute infrastructure, including metrics related to storage and bandwidth. What tool would you use to estimate the amount of money they will save by migrating to the AWS Cloud?

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You are designing monitoring and operation management for your environment on AWS and in the process of deciding which metrics to start with for your monitoring. Which of the following metrics should be included in your initial monitoring plan at a minimum? (Choose 3 answers)

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Your organization is thinking of running parts of their workload on AWS while keeping the critical and sensitive servers on-premises with continuous connectivity between instances in AWS and corporate data center. In such a hybrid cloud environment what are the minimum requirements to maintain resilient continuous connectivity between AWS and corporate data center?

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A MySQL database currently contains 2 million records. Approximately 2000 new records are added every day, with an average of 80 queries per second. The database is running on a 4 core, 4 GB dedicated system in the local data center. Once a week, on average, the system has issues and resets. It is next on the list to be moved to the cloud. What step should be taken first before it is migrated?

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A user has launched an instance-store backed EC2 instance in the US-East-1a zone. The user then creates AMI-1 and copied it to the EU-West-1 region. The AMI copy in the EU-West-1 region is named AMI-1-West.  Later, the user updates the application running on the instance in US-East-1a, and updates AMI-1 with this version of the instance. The updated version of AMI-1 is named AMI-1.1. Finally, the user attempts to launch a new instance from AMI-1-West in the EU-West-1 region. Which statement below is correct regarding this scenario?

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You are an engineer at a large bank, responsible for managing your firm’s AWS infrastructure. Your finance team has approached you, indicating their concern over the growing EC2 budget. They have asked you to identify strategies to reduce the EC2 spend by at least 25% before the next monthly billing cycle. How choices below could assist in accomplishing this? (Choose 3 answers)

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A user has created an application which will be hosted on EC2. The application makes calls to DynamoDB to fetch certain data. The application is using the DynamoDB SDK to connect with from the EC2 instance. Which of the below mentioned statements is true with respect to the best practice for security in this scenario?

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The IAM administrator is trying to create IAM groups and IAM users for employees within numerous separate company departments. The owner has created groups for each department, but needs even further separation between department subgroups within IAM groups. For example, two users from different department subgroups should be identified separately and have separate permissions.

How can the IAM administrator configure this?

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The average traffic to your online business has quadrupled since you expanded your targeted marketing campaigns. Your web servers are handling the traffic, but you are closely monitoring your database layer, which consists of multiple Amazon RDS MySQL Databases.

You are monitoring key custom metrics related to read and write throughput and latency using Amazon CloudWatch. You have configured CloudWatch alarms to monitor these custom metrics against optimal performance thresholds, but want to ensure these alarms based on these specific metrics are as responsive as possible.

How can you increase the responsiveness of CloudWatch alarms for the specific custom metrics you have already implemented for your RDS MySQL databases? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your company is considering migrating to AWS, but they are concerned about the initial and mid- to short-term costs due to the complexity of the migration cycle. To effectively calculate the total cost of ownership, certain costs must be understood and planned for.

What costs should be primary considerations? (Choose 3 answers)

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As the lead architect managing the migration from an on-premises data center to the AWS cloud, you are currently considering the most effective network configuration to meet your requirements.

You want your application servers, which will be hosted within Amazon VPC on multiple EC2 instances in a private subnet, to be able to send read and write requests to specific DynamoDB tables without sending HTTP requests over the public internet or VPN.

How can you allow EC2 to connect with your DynamoDB tables given these requirements?

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You have been asked to create a new S3 Bucket that will be used by the financial auditing team to store and share some files. There are a lot of different permissions between listing only, read-only and read-write access. You have decided to use resource-based permissions for the flexibility of it. Which statements below are correct with regards to resource-based permissions on your S3 bucket? (Choose 2 answers)

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Your company is migrating its infrastructure to AWS. When considering the migration level effort required, you determine there are a select number of VMs that fall under the “very low effort” category. After considering third-party migration options, you decide to utilize available AWS tools. What tools are available for migrating VMs to the AWS cloud? (Choose 2 answers)

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You have deployed an application hosted on both a primary instance and a secondary standby instance. The instances are in the same subnet within a VPC.

If the primary instance fails, you would like to failover to the secondary instance without having to reconfigure the application. How can you accomplish this? (Choose 3 answers)

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You are developing a new application in which you need to transfer files over long distances between client-side storage and an S3 bucket. You decide to try sending data to the S3 bucket using S3 Transfer Acceleration. What must you do to achieve this? (Choose 2 answers)

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A user is planning to make a mobile game which can be played online or offline and will be hosted on EC2. The user wants to ensure that if someone breaks the highest score or they achieve some milestone they can inform all their colleagues through email. Which of the below mentioned AWS services helps achieve this goal?

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Due to compliance rules and regulations, your company's workload has to run on dedicated instances. How can you make sure that all EC2 instances created for your workload now and in the future are dedicated instances? (Choose 2 answers)

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A customer needs to migrate several hundred terabytes of data into AWS. You typically use Amazon Snowball for these types of requests. What method does AWS recommend regarding data upload to the Snowball appliance? (Choose 2 answers)

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