Cloud Computing Fundamentals and Basics - Quick Reference Guide

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics and Fundamentals

In this first post, we learn the fundamental basics of Cloud Computing, cloud characteristics and its advantages, different cloud implementation models, major cloud services providers in current market and different types of Cloud services offered by them.  Below topics will be covered in this post What is Cloud Computing Advantages of Cloud...
Types of Hypervisor

Virtualization Basics and Fundamentals

Virtualization is the process or a technique which can create a virtual version of IT datacenter components such as Compute, storage and network etc. Hypervisor is one of the commonly used virtualization technology to create virtualized IT infrastructures. It is the important technology and is the main driver of...

Storage Basics and Fundamentals

Storage is another fundamental core IT infrastructure component that is found in both on-prem and cloud datacenters. In this post we will learn the fundamental concepts and basics of Storage infrastructure. We will explore common storage devices and systems and how they are attached and are accessed both in...
OSI Reference Model

Network Basics and Fundamentals

A Network is basically connecting two or more devices though a wired or wireless channel to share & exchange the information electronically. These devices can be computers, scanners, printers, routers, storage systems and applications etc. Based on the type of devices used in the network, they are referred as...
Security Basics and Fundamentals

Security Basics and Fundamentals

Security is the important strategy which is to be planned and implemented across all infrastructure layers to secure the IT infrastructure and the information stored in both traditional datacenter and cloud datacenters. Efficient security methods and processes have to be implemented to prevent unauthorized access to company assets and...
Infrastructure monitoring basics

Infrastructure Monitoring Basics and Fundamentals

Infrastructure Monitoring is the key process and methods to diagnose and troubleshoot the performance and capacity problems across different components of the datacenter such as compute, storage, network and security before a production outage occur. Monitoring the IT infrastructure resources and generating alerts automatically will allow organizations to get...
Beginners guide to cloud deployment

Basic concepts of Cloud Configurations and Cloud Deployments

A successful cloud deployment requires proper planning and determining the right cloud configurations and then executing the plan as it is. But to create a successful cloud deployment plan, Organizations should need to understand why they want to choose cloud Computing over traditional on-premises data centers, and then clearly...

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