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Security Domains

13.5 Security Threats and Security Controls Overview

The information made available on a network is exposed to security threats from a variety of sources. Therefore, specific controls must be implemented to...
information security

13.4 Introduction to Information Security

Information is an organization’s most valuable asset. This information, including intellectual property, personal identities, and financial transactions, is regularly processed and stored in storage...

13.3 Factors affecting SAN performance

The common factors which can affect storage infrastructure performance are the type of RAID level configured or due to enabling or disabling Cache, due...
SAN management

13.1 Introduction to Storage Infrastructure Management

Storage Infrastructure management  defines the management and monitoring of the storage devices in the data centers. The three major areas of management are capacity, performance, and availability. These...
Data Migration

12.5 Introduction to Data Migration and Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRAaS) Solutions

To meet today high demanding business challenges across 365 x 24/7 world, data must be highly available in the right place, at the right...
Continuous Data Protection

12.4 Introduction to Network Based Replication – Continuous data protection (CDP)

In the Network Based replication, the replication occurs at the network layer between the server and the storage systems. By offloading replication from server...
Remote Replication

12.3 Introduction to Storage System based Replicaion

In the storage system based replication, the storage system operating environment performs the replication process. Unlike Server based replication, server resources such as the...
server based replication

12.2 Introduction to Server based Replication

In the server based replication, the servers resources such as CPU and memory are utilised to perform and manage the replication operation. The server based replication supports...
Data Replication

12.1 Data Replication Techniques Introduction

It is important for any organization to protect their critical data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments to minimize the risk of business disruption....

11.7 Taking Backup and Archive to a Cloud Storage

Data is important for organizations of all sizes. Organizations need to regularly back up data to avoid losses, stay compliant, and preserve data integrity....