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Top Artificial Intelligence Trends to look in next 5 years

The scope of artificial intelligence is beyond human imagination, and if you are a technology freak, knowing these trends is must for you.

HomeTechnewsTop Artificial Intelligence Trends to look in next 5 years

Since 2010, there have been many breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence. From IoT to the use of artificial intelligence in the business sector, there is a lot to look for in 2020 and for the next 5 years. The scope of artificial intelligence is beyond human imagination, and if you are a technology freak, knowing these trends is must for you.

Artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize different aspects of life with newer methods of doing things. Some trends seem really promising for the betterment of human life, and some might consider this progress as a threat to the human race.

Here are top artificial intelligence trends that are going to impact the businesses, industries, automobile manufacturers and other professional fields of life.

use cases of AI


Introduction of Robotization to Industrial Sectors

Many movies have already predicted this scenario where intelligent robots and machines will replace the human workforce. A few years ago, all of this seemed like a dream, but Robotization is already making an impact in different sectors of life.

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Giant businesses like Amazon are already using the enormous power of robots and intelligent machines to boost productivity. Japan has been the most significant contributor to this mission, and 80% of manual work is expected to be done by robots until 2025.

Autonomous Decision Making with Artificial Intelligence

There will be smart computers and systems with the capability of decision making like a human mind. This statement is huge and if proven right, can change the way we deal with data. Data mining and manipulation of data and stats have become the most prominent skill in 2020. Artificial intelligence has empowered the smart systems and machines to process TBs of data in seconds. This big leap can lead to the production of intelligent channels that can make a decision according to the scenario.

Refined and Enhanced Driverless Vehicles

Cars with autonomous driving have been the dream of car manufacturers for the last decade. Famous companies like Honda, BMW, Tesla and Google are already using the power of AI to operate the smart vehicles. At this time, driverless cars are not reliable enough to be used for public use without human intervention.

The upcoming artificial intelligence trends promise to deliver autonomous driving cars that can be used in complex and varying road situations.

Personalized Services in Real-Time

Businesses and brands are focusing on the user experience, and they are ready to go for an extra mile for customized services. From mobile apps to personalized products, the use of AI has limitless opportunities that can benefit both clients and businesses.

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Google, Amazon and famous real estate developers are using AI-powered tools and services to provide real-time experience to their clients.

Increased Interaction of Common Man with AI

Most of us are using the power of AI, even without realizing. If you are using the intelligent chat bots to deal with your clients, then you are already using AI in business. Although the use of AI in the public sector is at the initial stages, 2020 holds a lot of progress for the intelligent systems.

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Anil K Y Ommi
Anil K Y Ommi
Cloud Solutions Architect with more than 15 years of experience in designing & deploying application in multiple cloud platforms.

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