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Top tools and techniques for Big Data Analytics Solutions

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If you are using the internet for the last few years but don’t know about the boost in demand for Big Data analytics tools, that seems impossible. For processing bulk information and stats in the Big Data ecosystem, you need to have access to top Big Data Analytics tools. With features like predicting the market trends and customer preferences, these Big Data Analytics tools must be part of your workplace.

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For promoting the data-driven culture in the workplace, the use of this Big Data Analytics is a must. A combination of new technologies and data management tools make the environment effective and productive. Here are the top technologies and tools that you need for your Big Data ecosystem. 


Top technologies for Big Data Analytics

Following techniques or technologies can be leveraged for analysing the large data sets in Big Data platforms.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis can reduce the risk factor for decision making in business models. Predictive tools and hardware systems can be used to manipulate the stats and information for business success. The data-driven results can help you to leverage new technologies and market trends before making an impact on your business.

Stream Analytics

Bulk data is stored and distributed across different platforms, and organizations need to maintain the format at every platform.  Stream analytics tools are used for analyzing, aggregating, and filtering relevant information from the bulk data. By establishing the connection of information with external links, you can acquire desired results for business growth.

Distributed Storage

To minimize the data failure risks in businesses, you need to manage the business data at several points in order to distribute the data storage across the ecosystem. The replication and corruption of data must be avoided, and Big Data is the best platform to meet these business management tools.


Top tools for Big Data Analytics

For the increased productivity of the business with the Big Data approach, you need to use suitable tools. Here are some most commonly used Big Data tools for analytics.


Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is an open-source Big Data analytics tool that is commonly used in business environments. For clustered handling of the bulk data, Apache Hadoop offers several perks like:

  • High scalability
  • Provides fast access to the required data
  • For R&D purposes, this Big Data analytics tool is highly recommended
  • Easy availability of an apparatus for businesses


CDH Big Data Analytics Tool

CDH is highly recommended for deployment at the enterprise-level. With a free distribution platform, this Big Data analytics tool is open-source software. Here are some pros of CDH:

  • Comprehensive distribution
  • Implementation of CDH is easy
  • The administration is way easier than many other tools



For the automated flow of data within the business environment, Xplenty is a cloud-based Big Data analytics tool. Here are some pros of Xplenty that make it a perfect choice for sophisticated business environments:

  • Powerful data management of bulk data
  • Security is better than many other tools
  • Send and manage data on several platforms


Other Big Data Analytics Tools

Here are some other Big Data Analytics tools that you can consider for data management

  • Microsoft HDinsight
  • Skytree
  • Talend
  • Splice Machine
  • Spark
  • Plotly
  • R-Programming
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
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Anil K Y Ommi
Anil K Y Ommi
Cloud Solutions Architect with more than 15 years of experience in designing & deploying application in multiple cloud platforms.

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