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Common Data Security threats and risks for businesses

HomeTechnewsCommon Data Security threats and risks for businesses

The new trending technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can pose different types security threats and risks. Data security is the priority of every business in 2020 as companies are losing billions due to data thefts. Implementation of Big Data techniques and intelligent systems has made systems efficient and effective but security of these data should also be considered as the most priority.


 Data Security Risks for Business

If you think that having a registered antivirus is enough to protect your online presence, you need to rethink about data security in 2020. Companies like Apple and Samsung have been the victim of security breaches in the previous, so how are you supposed to protect your business? Well, here are some significant threats that you can avoid by implementing security protocols for your business.

1. Accidental Data Exposure

Hackers are not always responsible for data thefts and security breaches. The negligence of your employees can also expose sensitive data and information about the competitors. According to a report, almost 40% of data thefts and information leaks were caused by the mistakes of senior executives and the negligence of workers. If your employee ends up emailing the details of the internal contracts to the competitors, you have already open doors to security threats and data manipulation.

2. Use of Outdated Security Protocols

If you are not upgrading the security of your online accounts, get ready for the consequences. Either you are updating your security or not, but hackers are surely working on new methods to hack into your systems. The best way to avoid any cyber-attack is to use original and paid security services. If your company’s IT department is not enough to meet security standards, you can consider the services of any 3rd party. Several cyber security firms are offering services to small and large enterprises.

3. Data is Vulnerable

Once you have connected your computer to the internet, you are on the target of competitors and hackers. TBs of data files are managed by companies, and the digitalization of business data poses different threats for the integrity of the business.

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Little data amendments can cause damage to the business stats, so securing the integrity of data is the primary concern for firms. If your company is solely relying on IoT, Big Data, and advanced data analytics, not meeting the security protocols can mess up your business.

4. Diffused Frameworks

In small multinational businesses, the distribution of data across different platforms is necessary. If you are still relying on frameworks that were last updated in 2000, how are you supposed to secure the data ?

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Big Data environment is one of the best techniques to manage and use the data in businesses of all sizes. You can reduce the security risks for your business by using advanced frameworks.


The data thefts are too common in small businesses. The security breach is the biggest threat to your business that can impact the business of any size. From Big Data ecosystems to the use of IoT in offices, digitalization is posing security threats that you must be aware of in 2020.

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