User experience has become the most critical aspect of the success of any business. The age of quick responses with the Chatbot is here. For better customer support, Chatbot can be a great addition to businesses for enhanced customer services. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the development of chatbots has empowered businesses with the most advanced solutions.

Chatbots also known as Response Generation Mechanism use a blend of deep learning and artificial intelligence to respond to user queries and questions according to the situation. Deep learning enables the auto-response generation mechanisms to solve user queries and intentions.

What is the Chatbot  ?

The Chatbot is an intelligent application of the software that replies to user’s queries and questions just like a human. Users can access the Chatbot with different means of communication like voice search and text. You can communicate with Chatbot as you communicate with a normal person. Below are some of the types of chatbots in use

chatbots and their uses

Rule-based Chatbots

This is the most commonly used Chatbot for smaller businesses where users can communicate with the system by using limited options. In rule-based chatbots, the user is allowed to click on the pre-defined options only. These Chatbots are not very efficient as different selections lead to the solution of the user’s query.

For simple lead generation systems, rule-based Chatbots ask specific questions, and then the replies are combined to conclude the results.

Intellectually Independent Chatbots

These Chatbots use the power of deep learning and machine learning to learn from the environment. They replies to different questions which are stored in the database of the Chatbot and then user-oriented replies are generated by these bots. 

Intellectually independent Chatbots are intelligent tools that can learn from data and information provided. With the available data, several patterns are generated that are compared with user queries to produce an accurate answer.

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By analyzing specific terms and keywords, the Chatbot explores the database to find the relevant information. After analyzing the different patterns of data, different segments of data are combined to generate a perfect reply.

AI-powered Chatbots

AI-powered Chatbots use the combined power of both intellectual, independent Chatbots and rule-based Chatbots. With the use of human intelligence in Artificial Intelligence powered, these Chatbots can think like the human mind, so you get desired results with accuracy.

You don’t use specific keywords in these Chatbots. The tools are designed to understand the user’s intent. You can use free language and sentences to communicate with the Chatbots. By understanding the user’s preferences, these Chatbots provide exact solutions to user’s questions. With the combination of Natural Language Processing, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, an AI-powered Chatbot can replace the human customer support agent.

Online businesses and websites are dealing with thousands of queries daily, and it is not possible for humans to deal with the massive flow of questions. Most of the users ask the same questions, so these Chatbots are designed to answer the most common questions and queries. Although these Chatbots are pretty effective, yet you cannot solely rely on Chatbots. You will have to use the human workforce somehow.

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